Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How a Home "Should Look" on The Internet

Terri and I are happy to be helping a friend in the office sell their own residence. She is a newer agent in the mentor training program... and we are her mentors. Since we create free standing web pages for all of our listings... and submit them to all major searche engines... we did so for our friend as well. Please follow the link behind the title to this post to view the home. If you have any friends wanting a "European Country Treasure" at the top of Beautiful La Costa... pass this along. In fact... you can do it from here. :-) Thanks.. Paul (we'll have to find them another one... as this one is now sold.


Reetu said...

Paul, your pictures always look absolutely amazing. I don't know if I'll ever be able to compete with that!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Kudu on the phots... if you need help on how to do that... call me... I love to help! The photos must have worked too... we sold it for more than any of the brokers that came on caravan said it would sell for... you know why? It was worth it! Paul