Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How to find the Best Agent... Buyer or Seller

Buying or Selling it is easier today to indentify the best agent to work with than it has ever been in history. And it is not rocket science... nor does it take a lot of research.... doing this is easy!

The efforts of agents on the behalf of their clients has never been more transparent... but the best part is that the lack of effort is just as evident.

The best evidence of the quality of the agent is the quality of the work they are doing to reach the goals of prior clients they currently represent. What they are doing to sell current listings is easy to see. You don't need an agent that spends all of their time and money promoting themselves. You want to work with the Agent that spends his Assets promoting the Listings he already has. If you are a buyer... this is still the best way to find an agent. Agents that deliver excellence to sellers... deliver excellence to buyers.

The best way to tell what someone is committed to... is to look at the results. Use this site.... ... Use and Use …. The best agent will show up on all three!

Who has the maximum number of photos on every listing they have? Who has a Virtual Tour on every listing they have? Who has larger and better quality photos on every listing? Who has every single one of their listings on YouTube? Who has a Facebook page for every single listing they have. And who... when you search them on Google... Bing... or Yahoo.... shows up with actual properties and not just a gateway to an MLS feed. This agent is the one you want to work with!

Don't worry if they don't live down the street... the Internet does not care if they are a neighborhood specialist... or not. What they are doing for their current clients is what they will do for you.

The demonstration of a true work ethic... and good thought processes is what you are looking for.

Think about it this way…. If allows 25 photos of a property for sale… plus a virtual tour and a video…. Why would you want to work with an agent that thinks less than that is good enough for his current client?

If "Good Enough" is demonstrated in any way…. They aren't!